Monday, 27 January 2014


Many times, when somebody is angry or disturbed, we used to say him ‘take it easy’.  But when we are in the same situation, we are unable to take it easy. Why?

The words we use have a meaning in them. Instead of using them with the meaning in the mind, we use it habitually. They are not more than a recorded tape. Same is the case with ‘take it easy’. To understand it more, let’s divide it into two parts. First is ‘take it’ and the second is ‘easy’.

‘Take it’ says,
The situation may not be as we have expected it should be. In fact, the situation has nothing to do with our expectations or should be. It just happens. There is nothing wrong or right in it. Wrong and right are created by the human mind. When we are not ready to accept the situation, the fight begins. When anything unexpected happens, we first deny them. The moment we deny, disappointment and anger starts. In this state of mind we cannot think of coming out of that situation. So first we have to learn to accept everything. Do not resist. Do not deny. Simply ‘take it’.

‘Easy’ says,
Easiness means without any efforts. It is just like breathing.  When we do something with lots of efforts, there will be a time when we will get tired and we will put it aside. We can’t do that anymore. When a painter paints there are no efforts but joy. When a poet writes there is a tremendous joy inside.  One cannot paint or write with efforts if there is no joy for doing it. It cannot be done just for the show off. It may be tried with efforts but soon there will be end of it. When we do something for no reason, just for the joy of doing it, it happens easily.

Now when we accept anything, the acceptance is of two types.
We accept the situation but still there is a pain inside. The fight is continue inside. But we just show that we have accepted the situation. In this case it will more harmful to us. When we show other than the actual, it the biggest fight that can happen inside. Only frustration can come out of it. So take it easy says, when you accept the situation, accept it with the full heart. There should not be any fight inside. Accept it easily.

Now the question arises how we can accept anything easily. The only hurdle in accepting anything is our assumption of the situation. How things should be, is the most common subject on which our thoughts run continuously. When we stop deciding anything, when we don’t have any choice about anything, there cannot be any fight. Whatever comes, we are ready to accept. When we keep this in mind, no situation can disturb us. When there is no disturbance in mind, there will not be any anger. When there is no anger, we can address the situation the way it should be addressed.

So next time when you say ‘take it easy’, keep its meaning in mind and the situation will become easy for you.