Sunday, 6 October 2013

Chichi The Sparrow

Chichi, a sparrow, used to visit the nearby house everyday and sit near the window. She was very much impressed with the facilities available in the house. One day she thought if she can become a human being, her life will be so easy. Small chichi prayed to the God. God asked her what she wants. She told that I want to become a woman. God laughed and said it’s not possible. Chichi was not ready to listen anything. God asked why you want to become like human being? She said man has developed their world so beautifully. There is a house to live in. There are So many facilities and equipment that make the life very easy.  Many things are available for their enjoyment. I also want to live that life. The God said okay, I will give you a chance but only for 3 months. Chichi was very much happy. Now she is going to live in that house for 3 months like a young girl.

It was the first day and chichi was very much excited. There are so many things for enjoyment like many type of food, music, Television, movies etc.  All the day she enjoyed very much with that family. That family also likes chichi very much. She was on the top of the world.  Day by day chichi was enjoying the life at its best. After a month or so everything became usual for her. Now the facilities were not so important for her. All things for enjoyment became like a routine. Chichi started getting bored. Now she felt there is no reason to be happy and enjoy. Her behavior suddenly changed. At the end of second month she prayed to the god and asked to make her a sparrow again. The god smiled and said that the deal is for 3 months and you have to complete it.

The last month seem very long to chichi. Every day she was in search of the things which can make her happy. Now she started remember her life as a sparrow. She was a very happy sparrow. She used to sing every time. She used to roam here and there and visit new places. She was missing all these. At last the long days passed and the third month came to the end.

 Chichi was excited to become a sparrow again. The last night she was sitting with that family. They asked her that tomorrow morning you will be the sparrow again but we want to ask you one thing. What is the difference between your life as a sparrow and as a human being? Chichi said my life like a human being was very much easy and wonderful. There were so many things for enjoyment but the things which gave me happiness first, slowly became usual for me and then I wanted something new to be happy. As a sparrow the life was not so much easy like yours but I was happy for no reason where as in the life of a human being I wanted a reason to be happy. I couldn't be happy without any reason. First I thought it may be my problem but when I observed you all, I realized that it is the problem with everybody.  If man can learn to be happy without any reason and just enjoy the existence, there is no better life than as a human being.

Next day Chichi was a sparrow again. She was singing and roaming again. She thanked the God and the God smiled again.