Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sunday, 27 October 2013

મન તને..

મન તને શું કહું તો તું માને?
ચિંતા વ્યથા બેચેની અમસ્તી
છોડી હવે શાંત થાને....

મારું મારું ક્યાં સુધી કરશે?
ભરી ભરીને તું કેટલું ભરશે?
ભરીશ એટલું ભારે થવાશે
છોડીશ એટલું છુટા થવાશે
સાવ સાદું ગણિત છે, કેમ તું ના જાણે?
મન તને શું કહું તો તું માને?

‘હું’, ‘હું’ ને બસ ‘હું’ જ છે તારે
બીજાની વાત સાંભળી છે ક્યારે,
સ્વજનો જયારે ના હાથ લંબાવશે
હુંકાર ના અંધકારમાં ડૂબી જવાશે
‘હું’ અને ‘તું’ બધું એક જ કેમ ના જાણે?
મન તને શું કહું તો તું માને?

આજે તને છે કાલની ચિંતા
કાલે હશે પાછી કાલ ની ચિંતા
રોજ કાલનું વિચારશે તો આજ કેમ જીવાશે?
આજ વીતેલી ક્ષણોને તું પાછી કેમ લાવશે?
ખળખળ વહેતી જીંદગીની પળપળ કેમ ના માણે?
મન તને શું કહું તો તું માને?
ચિંતા વ્યથા બેચેની અમસ્તી
છોડી હવે શાંત થાને.....

--- બૈજુ જાની

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pollution Under Control

When a vehicle is spreading pollution in environment, we give it a treatment to control it and get a PUC (Pollution under Control) certificate. Have we ever thought how much pollution we are spreading as a human being through our thoughts, words and behavior?

Some days ago, I was at city post office. There was a big queue at one of the windows for submitting the application forms of government recruitment exams. People were standing in queue for hours as the process was very slow and only one computer operator was available. It was nearly 2 hours remaining to close the window for that day and a guy came to submit his application. It was almost impossible for him to submit it that day as the queue was very long. After about ten minutes he started talking how this whole system is stupid and how they should improve. In no time, many others also started speaking the same language as they were also tired by standing in queue and there was a chaos. Some of them rush to the postmaster to complain about this. Postmaster said I am helpless because only one person here knows the process so I can’t appoint another person. The process will be as it is. All were again in the queue but with the frustrated mind. Before that guy had come, all were standing in queue, chatting with each other peacefully. What the guy has done, he spread all his negative thought to the crowd and in minutes whole crowd was negative. The height is they all were the applicant for a government job and just by the words of that guy they started speaking negative about the government system. This is pollution.  

This not the case with that particular guy, it is with all of us. We can’t control our negative thoughts or feelings and spread it to the people nearby us. If you observe when a group of people meet and chat, only one negative sentence is enough to turn the whole discussion on negative side. If we have a problem and we are negative about something we should keep it to ourselves only. There is no need to make others negative for it. Let them have their own point of view and experience. It is very much possible that their experience be on a positive side.

Many of us have habit of speaking in harsh tones. Sometimes we express a basic day to day conversation in such a harsh way that it hurts people around us. We may do this unconsciously because of a habit but this is also a kind of pollution. It creates a negative environment. Harsh words sometimes become the reason for big loss also. If you are speaking harsh, it just a matter of habit. You can always replace that habit with speaking lovingly and gracefully. Most of the time, we speak harsh words because something is not happening the way we have expected. Be relaxed. You can always put forward your point of view by kind words also and that too in a better way.

One day I was stuck in traffic. I was behind an auto rickshaw.  A large amount of smoke was coming out of its silencer. After sometime I had no option but to control my own breathing to avoid the smoke going inside me. This incident taught me a wonderful lesson to stay unaffected from the pollution. CONTROL YOUR BREATHING. Just like the body breaths the air, mind breaths the thoughts. When you come across anybody who is polluting the environment by negative thoughts or words, control the breathing of your mind. Don’t let the negativity come inside you. Let your mind analyze the situation and take the decision. Be quiet and gentle towards the people who are speaking harsh. You can always discuss with them when they are calm.

When we stop spreading this kind of pollution to others and don’t let others polluting ourselves, then only the pollution will be under control totally. So let’s analyze and get ourselves the PUC.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

GOD is on leave

One find Sunday morning there was a public notice in the sky written by the God. It’s said,

“We, the so called GODS, will be unavailable from today. We are going on a vacation as we need a break. All our branches like temples, Church etc. may remain open but we will not be present there. All are requested to find the solution of their problem on their own as we will not be able to work on it. You can also take a break from your prayers if you wish. Our availability will be declared the same way.  Sincere apology for inconvenience.”
Issued in the public Interest
-   GOD

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Chichi The Sparrow

Chichi, a sparrow, used to visit the nearby house everyday and sit near the window. She was very much impressed with the facilities available in the house. One day she thought if she can become a human being, her life will be so easy. Small chichi prayed to the God. God asked her what she wants. She told that I want to become a woman. God laughed and said it’s not possible. Chichi was not ready to listen anything. God asked why you want to become like human being? She said man has developed their world so beautifully. There is a house to live in. There are So many facilities and equipment that make the life very easy.  Many things are available for their enjoyment. I also want to live that life. The God said okay, I will give you a chance but only for 3 months. Chichi was very much happy. Now she is going to live in that house for 3 months like a young girl.