Sunday, 8 September 2013

Small Wonder

A few days ago, the spring of my bike’s main stand broken. It was very difficult to park the bike because it couldn’t stand properly. I realized that the whole bike can stand properly because of a small spring. I have never paid any attention to that small spring since I bought the bike. After that I have noticed that there are so many small but important parts which are very important to run the bike properly. This incident taught me some very important lessons.

Never judge anything or anybody by his size or level. The things may appear very ordinary but its role may be the major. When we see somebody very successful, we never think about other people who are major contributors for the success he got. Actually most of the things can’t be done without any help. Even if we think about our day to day activity, there are so many people who help us daily directly or indirectly. When the milk man comes an hour late, we understand his importance.  When the maid is on leave we understand her importance. There are number of people who contributes in our daily need like water, milk, vegetable, clean clothes, medicines etc. These all are ordinary people but their role is very important in life. Sometimes life becomes a mess because of a small thing.

To live a better and happy life, there are some very small things which make a major difference.

  • ·         A small prayer everyday can make major changes in our attitude towards life.
  • ·         Few words of love can make huge difference in relationship.
  • ·         Few words of thanks can win hearts.
  • ·         A little smile on face can make a wonderful day.
  • ·         Few words of appreciation make major difference in the confidence level of a person.
  • ·         A small help is very useful for a huge hope.
  • ·         Sometimes few words for consolation give a great relief.
  • ·         Small amount of exercise everyday builds good health.
  • ·         A small hope can produce giant results.
So let’s understand the importance of small things in life and the big problems will be fixed automatically.