Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Happiness Bag

The admission officer of the college hostel, introduced  Vishesh and Manav as room partners. They have allotted the same room to live in for the next 3 years. Both were excited to see their new room.

Room was at a good location. It was on the top floor of a four story building. Near their balcony there was a big neem tree. They have begun to check the room. There were all necessary equipments for a routine life. Vishesh found that the wooden cupboard was not very safe to put the valuable things as it can be broken easily. He told manav regarding this. Manav was also agreed with him but vishesh didn’t find him worried about it. 

Second day vishesh told manav that he is willing to buy a good steel cupboard so that he can put all his valuable things like ipad, laptop etc. He asked manav if he also wants to buy the same, he can tell his father and arrange for two. Manav was from a lower middle class family so he told that I cant afford it. Vishesh just asked him if he has any valuable thing or not? Manav said. Yes I have a tiny bag which is very valuable for me. Vishesh laughed a loud and said if its just a matter of a tiny bag, you can keep it my cupboard. Although vishesh was laughing, manav was very happy by his offer but he put a condition that vishesh will never see that bag without permission. Vishesh promised him.

The next day steel cupboard came and all set. Both were relaxed by keeping their valuable things in it. Vishesh and manav were good friends now. Both were willing to help each other always. Vishesh came to know that manav had a very struggling life because of a bad financial condition. But one thing he liked about manav that he never been sad about his situation. Whenever he was in a bad mood he asks for his tiny bag from the locker and go to the tarrace. He come back relaxed, energised and happy. Vishesh always think about that bag but couldn’t find courage to open it as he promised manav.

One day vishesh was in a very bad mood. Nothing seems good to him. He spend some time with his laptop and playstation etc but all were boring. He was frustrated. Manav was also not present as he was in his native place for 3 days. After a long boring day vishesh thought to have a good sleep so that the next day will be better but he just couldn’t sleep. At midnight he was standing in the balcony near the neem tree. He was thinking why I am feeling so sad. Nothing seems good which makes me happy. It seems there is no happiness. Suddenly a thought came in his mind about manav’s tiny bag.What should be in that bag? Vishesh thought. Should I see it without his permission?

After sometime, he opened the locker and take out the bag. He found a small diary inside. He started turning the pages and he was amazed. Manav wrote about all the small and big happiness he had till date in life. Now vishesh understood why manav always see this bag when he feel sad. This is Manav's HAPPINESS BAG. Then after vishesh also sat relaxed and remembered the happiness moments he had in life. He had a wonderful sleep that night.

The next day when manav came back to the room, he saw a brand new steel cupboard placed near his bed. He asked vishesh about it. Vishesh replied that You have the most valuable thing which must be kept safely . Manav just smiled and they both went for the evening walk.

Moral : There are always some moments that makes us happy. Even the poorest man have some kind of happiness in life. The question is, we value that happiness or not? Do we remember the moments of happiness? Do we have our Happiness bag?