Sunday, 15 September 2013

Log in & Log out

All of us today know what is Log in and Log out. For most of us it’s a part of daily activity. We do it mechanically but it can be a very useful tool to live a happy and peaceful life.

What actually happens when we log in is we have certain type of access like for email, for bank account, for company software etc.  When we log out the access is stopped. This can be a very useful tool if we use it for our thought process. Our mind is like a super computer. It can run so many thoughts simultaneously. All we are continuously doing is THINKING. When we have to perform a task and so many other thoughts are running in our mind, they don’t let us to concentrate on that task effectively. So we can’t work with our full potential.  Sometimes we are sitting in the office and thinking about a family or a social problem or anything else. Same as when we are with family thinking about office, friends or anything else. We can’t be 100% present where we are.

We are playing so many different roles in our life day to day like a father, a son, a husband, a friend, an employee, a businessman, a client, a mother, a wife etc. All this roles can be best performed when we keep them separate. If we are at home and performing a role of a husband and a father or mother and in background we are still performing the role of an employee and thinking about office, this will definitely create conflicts because we are not 100% present. Same is true vice a versa. We can train our mind to think about one thing at a time. The log in and log out process can be a very useful tool for it.

When we leave our home for office in the morning tell your mind to log out from the family roles and log in to an employee role. If we perform this small exercise, day by day it will stop your mind to think about family problems in the office and office problems when we are in the family because our subconscious mind knows what we mean by log in and log out. When you think I am logged out from my role as an employee, the access of thoughts about office stops. This can be very useful to free from all the worries. If you are in some problem and continuously thinking negative about future, it’s called worry. What you can do is simply log out from that situation and log in your mind somewhere else. This may not happen overnight but by practice it can be surely achieved. 

Many of us may not have a proper sleep regularly. This can be a major cause of many physical and mental illness. The sleep is not proper because we are continuously thinking about something. Mind never stops. That’s why we have dreams. We don’t feel fresh in the morning if the sleep is not proper. If you simply order your mind to log out from all the roles while going to bed, mind will be disconnected from all the thoughts and you can have the best refreshing sleep.  Get up in the morning and cultivate your mind to log in in one role at a time.

Try this very simple and small exercise and you will see amazing results.