Monday, 19 August 2013


                Life is a book which can be read page by page. There is no way we can read the next page and that’s the beauty of life. But are we enjoying this beauty?

                Most of the time either we live in the past or in future dreams.  So the beauty of present moment is always missing. We can’t be the witness of beautiful things happening in the present moment. Deep inside we know that there is no meaning of thinking about past or future but if we carefully watch our thoughts most of them are about past of future only. What is the reason?

                To live in present moment we have to accept the things the way they are and that’s the biggest challenge we are facing. We think about future because we don’t like something happening to us. We are uncomfortable about our present situation. We want to escape from it and want to be free from it. So we start dreaming. In dreams there are no restrictions. We can make things happen the way  we want. So we love to be in dreaming state. It’s good to see dreams about what we want to be or what we really want to achieve but to remain in dreams constantly can’t give us happiness. Actually it becomes the reason for pain because when the dream breaks and we face the real situation, we are not ready for it and it becomes more painful to accept the reality.

                In dreams we always think about good future. Nobody wants bad things to happen in life. But when we think about our past, most of the time we recall the bad incidents happened to us. We hardly forget the bad behavior by somebody. We hardly forget the failures and losses. Constant thinking of this makes us sad again. We have already passed through that state but just by thinking it again, we become sad. So is it worth to think it? We should permanently delete the bad things happened to us in the past, and should not remember it again. When this type of thoughts comes, tell them you are not required. When we think about good things in the past we start comparison with the present and sometimes it also becomes the reason of pain.

                When we are in the present moment, we just enjoy the things happening around because we have accepted them as they are. There are no complains. There are no comparisons. We actually have no time to think about future or past because we are so busy in enjoying the present moment.  There are no situations that can make us think about future or past. When we only live in present we don’t have to remember anything because we are witness of every moment.  We can work with full potential as our mind is only occupied in what we are doing. We can handle challenging situation more effectively as we are already prepared for accepting everything, so we never get shocked. To live in present is the only way to remain happy and enjoy life fully. When we learn to live in present life becomes the celebration.

                So let’s celebrate…….